My Kind of Town

Maps & Neighbourhood Design
"In the ruins of post-apocalyptic Chicago, players are cast as the leaders of small bands of Wanderers reentering and exploring the city. Others play the game solo as violent, antisocial Bastards who are ruthless in combat and unable to join a Society. Several players will be cooperative members of the secretive Loop Island Federal Reclamation Zone, tasked with remaking Chicago in their image."
In My Kind of Town, the city of Chicago has 5 neighbourhoods made up of 20 locations. Each neighbourhood has a distinct feel, from the trendy lofts and breweries of Wicker Park to the industry and residences of the South Side.
A centralized map with model paper buildings is located in the map room, where game control and players in the Loop neighbourhood have access to it. This main map is used to track players, represented by tea lights, and zombies. Halfway through the game, all players are invited for a "night turn" where the lights are darkened, leaving the map illuminated by the 'camp fires' of players' tea lights.

Game Design: Theron Seckington

Graphic Design: Tim Foley

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