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Twisted Melodies

Congo Square Theatre Company

playwright - Kelvin Roston

The Athenaeum Theatre - Chicago, IL - 2015

director - Samuel Roberson

scenic design - Andrei Onegin

lighting design - Richard Norwood

costume design - Michael Alan Stein

sound design - Rick Sims

video production - Dre Robinson

stage manager - Razor Wintercastle

Joseph Jefferson Award Nominee (Equity, 2015)


"The exceptionally cool projections, designed by Paul Deziel, are a very vivid depiction of the shadows in the mind of a fearful genius."
"Roston's sometimes frighteningly intense performance is supported by the work of sound designer Rick Sims, video producer Dre Robinson, and projections designer Paul Deziel, who evoke the sometimes beautiful but mostly chaotic visual and auditory hallucinations that disrupted Hathaway from his ability to create beautiful music."
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