Beauty's Daughter

by Dael Orlandersmith



American Blues Theater
Stage 773 - Chicago, IL - 2017

Director: Ron OJ Parson

Costumes: Michael Alan Stein

Props: Mary O'Dowd

Stage Manager: Cara Parrish

"The director, Ron OJ Parson, goes much further with the musicality of the work than most productions I've seen, even to the point of projecting some of Orlandersmith's poetry on Paul Deziel's video backdrop, sitting above the realistic domesticity of Caitlin McLeod's setting, making the familiar strange in the most intimate of settings"
"Paul Deziel’s projections allow us to see much deeper into the the type of area that East Harlem represents, filled with characters who have very little to live for and with dreams and hopes that have vanished, or are about to."
Mary Askew Scene