SoloChicago Theatre Company
Greenhouse Theater Center - Chicago, IL - 2014
New World Stages - New York, NY - 2015

Director: Kurt Johns

Set & Lights: Jason Epperson

Costumes: Alice Broughton

Props: Lynn Donovan

Stage Manager: Jason Shivers

"Paul Deziel designed the myriad projections that appear on a back wall and always give the impress of scenes viewed from a many mullioned window."


by Ronald Keaton

JEFF AWARD WINNER (Equity, 2015)


"The projection designs of Paul Deziel were a highlight of the evening and provided a slick, professional patina to the show."
"Backing everything up, Paul Deziel’s excellent projection design offers images of important people Churchill discusses, various scenes, maps, blowups of the peaceful landscapes Churchill painted, and so forth."