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Point and Shoot

Cold Basement Dramatics

playwright - Liz Ellison & Jake Freund

The Den Theatre - Chicago, IL - 2014

director - Jake Freund

scenic design - Dustin Pettegrew

lighting design - Zoe Mikel-Stites

costume design - Alaina Moore

sound design - Rachel Boissevain

props design - Taylor Ely

cinematography - Chris Semel

"The play smartly refuses to fall into stereotypes about love and sex back in those days, choosing to explore the characters' nuances and hidden wants instead. Beautiful projections from Paul Deziel provide an apt canvas for that exploration."
"...[L]ighting designer Zoë Mikel-Stites, cinematographer Christopher Semel, and projection designer Paul Deziel make up a powerhouse trio.... The projections offer haunting glimpses into irretrievable time."
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